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The concept of the Rainbow Technique is fairly simple: coloured strings matched to coloured sheet music.

The book contains simple songs and exercises that almost anyone can work through. Most of the songs are known by most people, which makes the timing easy. And for any songs the learner doesn’t know there are MP3s to listen to and download in our “Resources Area”.

If you know how a song sounds then you know the timing for it, which means you don’t need to know the difference between a crotchet and a minim. This means that someone can sit behind a Rainbow Harp with no musical experience and just match the coloured notes on the page to the coloured strings.

It opens up the harp to anyone who wants to give it a try, even those who are intimidated by traditional sheet music.

For further materials we’ve developed for this harp to be used in different settings with a full range of different people covering all ages and abilities, including SEN, visit our resources area.

See a sample of our Course Book

book sample
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