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Have you always dreamt of playing the harp? Now you can!

Our unique coloured strings combined with colour coded sheet music and online videos enable you to learn to play the harp quickly and easily from your home or with a local group.

Whether you aspire to perform in grand concert halls, impress your friends and family or just want to improve your wellbeing the new Rainbow Harp can make your dreams come true.

“The book is great, easy to follow and the colours make it less daunting.”

Martina, grown-up

“Our 5-year-old daughter was keen to start the harp after being an angel in her nursery nativity.  Her enthusiasm has made so much difference and along with Ellie and the beautiful Rainbow Harp, it continues to grow. Ellie is an excellent teacher, makes lessons fun and using the colour coding means Leonora is now starting to read music and play lots of gorgeous sounding tunes – if it is possible to make the harp sound unpleasant when learning we haven’t heard it yet”

Naomi, Mum of Leonora, 5

“A big thank you goes to you guys.

She is loving it. Any chance she gets she is on it”

Alan, Dad of Amber, 13

If you want to come and see our harps
and find out more about the Rainbow Harp,
we’d love to hear from you!

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