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Here are some of the kind words we’ve had back from customers via email, shared with their permission.

“I’d like to buy the Rainbow Harp I’ve been hiring please.

I love the harp – and the children in the special school where I work love it too!! It’s so calming and enjoyable to play – not that I can play much yet but I’m working on it – and your videos with practice bits are useful, thank you.

Eeeeeek – so excited to have my own beautiful harp!!

Both my children are loving having a play too, and my son has learnt to play the happy birthday tune even though he doesn’t really read music properly yet (the coloured notes and strings were great to help him).”

Phillipa Philpott (2021)

“Just to say thank you for my lovely harp. The sound is so beautiful and I can see already that the coloured strings will be such a help.  Also, the new way of learning will be a big help.”

S Wood (2021)

“We have one very happy daughter – such a beautiful instrument.

It is quite incredible how quickly the melodies can be played from the book. Such a marvellous introduction to the harp…”

Anon, parent

“We genuinely cannot thank you enough for your time and advice, and for such a wonderful harp.

This is clearly going to be a growing passion for her and a pleasure for the rest of the family too.”

Anon, parent

“Our 5-year-old daughter was keen to start the harp after being an angel in her nursery nativity.  Her enthusiasm has made so much difference and along with Ellie and the beautiful Rainbow Harp, it continues to grow…”

Naomi, Mum of Leonora, 5

“Ellie is an excellent teacher, makes lessons fun and using the colour coding means Leonora is now starting to read music and play lots of gorgeous sounding tunes – if it is possible to make the harp sound unpleasant when learning we haven’t heard it yet”

Naomi, Mum of Leonora, 5

The Rainbow Harp looks nice in pretty ways… I really like all of the songs to play. My favourite song is probably Swan Lake because it makes you feel like the song is long in a nice way and it sounds magical.

Playing the Rainbow harp, I‘d say, is amazing.

Leonora, 5

“The book is great, easy to follow and the colours make it less daunting.”

Martina, neurotypical grown-up

“A big thank you goes to you guys.

She is loving it. Any chance she gets she is on it”

Alan, Dad of Amber, 13

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