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The Rainbow Harp is based on Hands on Harp’s Morwenna Rose Harp. We handcraft these harps in our workshop in Woodhester out of high-quality Birch plywood.  It has a bright, lively tone and a beautiful gloss finish, and it is the result of over 3 years and 100 harps worth of experience.

The soundboard is made from aircraft birch plywood, so-called because of it’s use in aeroplanes due to it’s very high strength to weight ratio.  This means that 3mm of wood can bear a high string tension, which in turn makes the notes ring beautifully.  A thinner soundboard resonates better with the strings.

Harp Dimensions    

  • Height 100cm
  • Depth 63cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Tuning key included

Photos credit Jeremy Prout

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