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Levered Rainbow Harp Hire Subscription

From: £53.00 / month for 36 months

Hire a hand crafted Rainbow Harp



Hire a Levered Rainbow Harp

We handcraft these harps in our workshop in Nailsworth out of high-quality Birch plywood. It has a bright, lively tone and a beautiful gloss finish, and it is the result of over 3 years and 100 harps worth of experience.  Includes everything a beginner needs to get started:

  • Non-levered Rainbow Harp
  • 27 Strings
  • Tuning Key
  • Harp Case Included

See the Rainbow Harp page for full details of this lovely harp.

Once you’ve been playing a while, or if you come to the harp with knowledge of other instruments, you may want the flexibility and convenience of levers on your harp.

We use industry-standard Camac levers. They raise the note a precise semitone with a smooth action and no buzzing or dampening of the sound.

Choose which levers to have on your harp depending on your needs and budget. As an example, a partially levered harp with levers on the Cs, Fs and Bs allows you to easily switch between the major keys of C, G, D and F (and their relative minors). This covers most folk music!

Please review our Terms of Service for details of the hire agreement.

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