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We put our heart and soul into these harps. If there’s ever a problem, which there almost never is, we want to put it right.

2 Year Guarantee for New Harps

We guarantee any harp bought from us will be sturdy and strong. If any structural defect causes the harp to malfunction within the first 2 years of its life, we will pay for it to be shipped back to our workshop. We will then either fix the problem or, if we can’t, replace the harp and ship it back to you, subject to the exclusions listed below.

6 Month String Guarantee

If any string snaps within 6 months of the purchase of any harp from us, just let us know which one and we’ll send a replacement, free of charge.

If you have breakages after this time, or you want to replace old strings, get in touch. We sell strings for our own harps cheaper than most other harp brands.

All our harp guarantees are subject to the following exclusions:

This guarantee does not apply to any damage caused by improper treatment of the harp. This includes, but is not limited to: abnormal use, neglect, abuse, modification, accidental damage or exposure to extremes of heat, humidity or moisture.

This guarantee only covers harps that remain in mainland UK.

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