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  • A Story From Our Travels
    This week I would like to share with you a story. Before we decided to settle down and set up…
  • Morwenna’s Harp Journey
    I wanted to share a little bit of personal history with the harp: My father was a musician and keen…
  • The Benefits of Learning the Harp
    The Benefits of Learning an Instrument There are many reasons that people take up playing the harp. For most people,…

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  • Morning Dream by Perry Hoag
    Morning Dream by Perry Hoag A long exposure of Mount Rundle reflecting in Two Jack Lake on a moody morning. Perry Hoag: Photos Read more »
  • An Icelandic Icon by Daniel Gastager
    An Icelandic Icon by Daniel Gastager All the techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my in-depth post-processing tutorials. Check out my website to find more information. Viele der hier angewandten Technicken werden sehr ausführlich in meinen Bildbearbeitungs Tutorials demonstriert. Mehr Infos findest Du auf meiner Website. Daniel… Read more »
  • ***Olos*** by Joachim Bergauer
    ***Olos*** by Joachim Bergauer Joachim Bergauer: Photos Read more »
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